• Shipping And Delivery

    VIOLA Srl ships to Italy and Europe via TNT, BARTOLINI, FEDEX and DHL, non-European countries via FEDEX or DHL. In accordance with international Import/Export laws, the shipped goods are accompanied by an official invoice in which the total value of the purchased goods is declared in Euros. The invoice shows the value of each single item purchased.

    VIOLA Srl cannot be held responsible for delays in shipments caused by weather conditions, international customs issues or other circumstances beyond its control.

    Orders relating to available goods, subject to confirmation of the availability of the goods and verification of the bank transaction, are shipped the day following receipt of the order. The amount of transactions made by credit card is charged immediately when the order is processed. In all cases, VIOLA Srl reserves the right to postpone the shipment if the order cannot be shipped for reasons beyond its control. Please note that during promotions and sales there may be delays in shipping.


    If for any reason, an order is not delivered to the Customer's address due to lack of cooperation on the part of the customer (wrong telephone number, wrong address, absent address, non-compliance with import regulations) the courier will make at least a second attempt; if the package is not successful, it will be sent back to Viola srl which, once received the package, will immediately refund it.

  • Refunds

    Usually We Work And Accept The Return Within 3 Working Days From The Date Of Delivery To Our Warehouse. In Peak Times It Can Take Up To 7 Working Days. After The Acceptance Will Perform Immediately Refund And Send You An Email Confirmation.

    The Repayment Time Varies Depending On The Chosen Payment Method:

    Credit Card : Our Bank Will Refund Within 7 Working Days From E-Mail Confirm Acceptance Reso. The Time It Takes To See Your Refund On Your Account Depends On The Institute Of Paper Output

    Paypal : The Reimbursement Will Be On The Paypal Account Within 24 Hours By E-Mail Confirm Acceptance Reso

    Cash On Delivery : The Refund Will Be Made By Bank Transfer In A Bank Or Post Office Account To Be Indicated During The Return Procedure. From The Amount Refunded Will Be Deducted 5 Euros Equal To The Cost Of Service "Mark", The Amount Will Appear On Your Statement Within 10 Working Days From E-Mail Confirm Acceptance Reso.

  • Return Policy

    You Can Send Your Only Made By The Country In Which You Placed Your Order.

    The Product To Be Returned Must Be Reinserted In Our Shipping Box (Or Another Box Is Fine) To Be Closed With Tape.

    If Your Return Does Not Meet The Conditions Listed, The Package Will Be Sent Back To You And Your Refund Will Be Made, And When The Return Will Accept The Refund Will Be Made And You'Ll Get A Confirmation Email.

    Should Be At Least Provided A Boss Previously Accepted For The Reasons Stated Above, The Repayment Will Be Deducted An Amount Equal To 5 € Of Expenditure Made In The Event That However It Is Accepted The Return Itself.


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