The hippie movement was still the fashion look of late 1960s London, but this did not inspire Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, they were more interested in rebellion and in particular 1950s clothing, music and memorabilia. Vivienne began by making Teddy Boy clothes for McLaren and in 1971 they opened Let it Rock at 430 Kings Road.

By 1972 the designer’s interests had turned to biker clothing, zips and leather. The shop was re-branded with a skull and crossbones and renamed Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die. Westwood and McLaren began to design t-shirts with provocative messages leading to their prosecution under the obscenity laws; their reaction was to re-brand the shop once again and produce even more hard core images. By 1974 the shop had been renamed Sex, a shop ‘unlike anything else going on in England at the time’ with the slogan ‘rubberwear for the office’.

In 2015, Westwood is a fashion giant, British as the red telephone booths. One of the most iconic designers on the planet, is more irreverent than ever. Her DIY approach supports the belief that everyone can make the difference. Calling an amateur does not make her righteous, believe in her cause and support her as a real activist, exhorting you to do something: "We must believe we still have the chance to save the world. But it is urgent, we have to do it now."