Doucal’s was founded in 1973 by Mario Giannini, founder and owner of the company that, in some decades, from an artisan reality has become an industrial reality followed and developed by the second generation. The brand, which was initially Ducale to identify a product aimed at a luxury clientele, is then Englishised. In fact, Mario moved to England in the seventies for an internship where he learned all the secrets of the different buildings and the rules of the English style.

Back in Italy, he infuses in his small artisan reality that purely British dedication to perfection and, to honor that authentic experience, he decides to give the English name Doucal's to his purely Italian company.

Finally, with the entry of Mario's sons into the company, Doucal's shoes are designed with the English look but with the Italian fit, unique and guaranteed by an insole in the insole formed by a layer of activated charcoal that guarantee great fit to the foot and freshness, combined with an antibacterial action.

Doucal's is synonymous with Italian shoes that last over time and have a unique fit and wearability compared to the rigidity of English shoes.